Applied Thermodynamics: Software Solutions Part-III

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Applied Thermodynamics: Software Solutions Part-III

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dc.description This book is Part-III of the five-part series on “Applied Thermodynamics: Software Solutions” This book contains three chapters, viz. Refrigeration cycles, Air compressors and Thermodynamic relations: 1. Under ‘Refrigeration cycles’, following cycles are analyzed: Ideal and actual vapour compression cycle, Ideal and actual reversed Brayton cycle (or, Bell Coleman cycle). Several useful Mathcad Functions are written for properties of Refrigerant- R134a in superheated and two-phase regions, which are used in solving problems. Also, useful Mathcad Functions are written to facilitate easy calculations for all these cycles. And, many useful Functions/Procedures are written in EES for different variations of ideal vapor compression refrigeration cycle. 2. Under ‘Air compressors’, reciprocating air compressors (both single stage and multi-stage) are analyzed. Formulas to calculate various parameters such as: volumetric efficiency, work required for actual compression, isothermal efficiency, minimum work required for two- stage (or multistage) compression with perfect inter-cooling etc. are presented. 3. Under ‘Thermodynamic relations’, relations are presented to calculate ‘Thermodynamic properties’ which are impossible or difficult to measure (such as: entropy, internal energy, enthalpy, Helmholtz function and Gibbs function), in terms of measurable quantities such as pressure, volume and temperature. Topics dealt with are: Maxwell’s equations, TdS equations, heat capacity relations, energy equations, Joule – Kelvin effect, Clausius - Clapeyron equation etc. which are practically important. 4. In these chapters, problems from University question papers and standard Text books are solved with Mathcad, EES and TEST. en_US
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dc.subject applied thermodynamics en_US
dc.title Applied Thermodynamics: Software Solutions Part-III en_US
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